We celebrate Penny’s seventh birthday with a soccer party at Dulles Sportsplex. Friends from pre-school, friends from Floris, girls, boys, older brothers, younger brother competitively play soccer and Sharks and Minnows in the most non-competitive way possible. Riley scores four goals on Lucas because “he is going easy on her”, Cody is untouchable, Brady and Zachary are the dynamic duo, Mikayla is determined to tag Penny as the last minnow, Oliver plays his hardest undeterred by the fact that he is the smallest and in between there are cartwheels, hand stands and smiles.

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The coach selecting sharks for the first game of Sharks and Minnows

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Six is skipping, pig tails, chasing friends, playing with boys, losing your first tooth, reading, writing and doing something new on your own every day. Enjoy your last days of being six, anticipating all that seven will bring.