Hands down, without a doubt, the personal quality I cannot stand in others is cheapness. This bothered me when at the age of 13 I had a close friend who would count every nickle and dime and it continues to bother me today. It bothers me so much I almost have a sixth sense about it, if I start to sense this trait in a person it’ll immediately turn me off and although I may continue to be friends with them the friendship won’t go as deep.

The least favorite trait in myself? How ironic but the two are related. My least favorite trait is this notion of tit for tat. I keep score. I can’t help it, there’s no denying it’s my true nature but something I fight against everyday. If I treat a friend to dinner, the original intent is one of generosity, I want to treat my friend to dinner. But afterwards, if they never reciprocate this will bother me. So am I being bothered because they are “cheap” or because I’m keeping score?