If I could speak a new language I would speak child. I would climb into their little heads and see how they process what they feel and react with their gut, how they take something they see and turn it into something they do and how they deal with the millions of impulses coursing through their little beings. I would know that crying means “I’m sad” or “I’m disappointed” or “I’m pissed”. I would know that hitting and snatching can sometimes be an outcome of insecurity, that clingy-ness is an expression of fear and tantrums are a misdirection of emotion, or just plain fatigue. I would also know that singing and dancing and smiling are the most beautiful expressions of happiness, contentment and safety. 

Just as I am learning their language they are learning mine.

IMG_2708 IMG_2710

In everything they do, see, hear and touch they are learning: learning what feels good and what doesn’t, what moves them and what keeps them still, what makes them fly and what makes them fall. Do something beyond, see farther, hear everything and touch the sky.