“Simple creative activities are some of the building blocks of child development”

Before children can read or write they create art. They’ll paint, glue, cut, color and sticker many times over before they write their first letter. As adults we create art to convey what we desire while for children their art communicates exactly who they are, no pretense, no manipulation.

Lucas’ attempt to remove an unwanted sticker created a crack in his egg which prompted him to write “I got body pearst”. Creatively done he started nibbling at the crack. Appalled, I told him to stop eating his egg guy.

Penny immediately took to the animal kits. Her focus was unbreachable as she stuck and
re-stuck the flimsy ears, propped her egg up in its equally flimsy animal stand, which would result in an ear falling off, which would in turn cause the animal stand to collapse as she fixed the ears… I braced myself for a frustrated meltdown but she tried at least ten times before she finally looked to me for help.

Oliver’s first two eggs consisted of covering them with as many stickers as possible. Then he moved to the markers and created a continuing line design all over the egg. An art teacher’s dream, filling all the white space.