This was our first year fully participating on the Pinecrest swim team with Lucas swimming in the 8 and under group and Penny and Oliver swimming in the Pee Wees program. We started the season unsure if Lucas could even swim a full 25 meters and ended with him learning all strokes and even winning a heat! The best win was having one child fully independent in the swimming pool.

The Lollipop Meet is a non-competitive swim meet dedicated to just the 8 and unders, including the Pee Wees. Every swimmer receives a lollipop after each event.

Penny did free stroke, back stroke and kickboard relay.

Lucas did free stroke, back stroke and noodle relay.

and Oliver slept.



We finished the season with a heat win for Lucas at the last B meet. Way to go Lucas!

The season is capped off with medals, ribbons and paper plate awards!