There is nothing quite as magical as Walt Disney World. It has the ability to not only transport your child into a world of possibilities and realities but it also transports us, the parents, to our childhood. No matter how foggy the memory, we remember. And experiencing Disney World anew through our children’s eyes allows us to truly live the magic. Because when you’re a child its not “magic”, its reality.

Every detail, every costume, every gesture, every expression is planned to perfection. Stepping into Walt Disney World is stepping into your favorite movie where the buildings are real, the colors bright and your most beloved character talks to you.

While Disney World might be perfect vacations are not. Taken at the entrance of Animal Kingdom the kids were all smiles before the heat, humidity and exhaustion from the crowds set in.


On our day to visit Epcot there was a tornado warning and torrential rain. That didn’t stop us or the other thousands of tourists. IMG_9653Surviving the storm we enjoyed a family lunch with the princesses at Akershus Hall in Norway.


Our second time going as an extended family we are truly grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of Papa and Nana. Every detail is planned allowing us to simply enjoy and create as many memories as our little heads can hold.


What’s more magical than speaking with your favorite character? Becoming him! After attending Jedi training Lucas was ready to be part of the Rebel Alliance and battle Darth Maul to defeat the Empire.

Next, time to join Captain Jack and his crew.


A week at Disney is full of memories and experiences. Lucas will remember his time with his cousins, becoming a Jedi and the hotel. Penny will remember her time with the princesses, becoming a princess and Mine Train. Oliver will remember the monorail.


And I’ll remember that they believed.