Odyssey of the Mind is an international creative problem-solving program that allows students to use creativity and teamwork to solve a challenge problem with a long-term solution. For our first graders the theme was to create a cooking show. The kids created the script, scenery and props.

The “Blah Blah Cooking Show” features an angry chef wrangling her ingredients to make her blah blah cookies. 

The show begins and ends with the singing of the “Blah Blah” theme song. The angry chef has to convince all the ingredients, flour, milk, egg and sugar, to get into her mixing bowl.  Once all the ingredients are in the bowl, they do a mixing dance. Each ingredient then enters the portal and returns as a blah blah cookie. The judges critique the project. They love the homemade microwave, the creativity of having the kids be the ingredients and the concept of the portal.  I could not have been more surprised or impressed to see what these kids were able to cook up!