The day of September 4, 2012 I held my breath for seven hours. My mind raced with the details that were filling Lucas’ first day of kindergarten; was his teacher kind? were the kids kind? did he speak up when he needed to use the bathroom? would he like the lunch I had packed him? I exhaled when I saw him step off the bus, a smile on his face. Relief. My son had survived his first day of kindergarten and more importantly so had I. Seven years later and Lucas has more than survived, he’s gained confidence, spirit and strength through those first friendships and the many more that formed, through the teachers that challenged him and supported him he learned that sometimes discipline is belief and struggles are progress and through the parents that supported me so that I could support him he saw the beauty and felt the love of community.

You have a spirit and an energy that is contagious and humbling. Your compassion, gratitude and optimism are only matched by your obsession with sneakers and love of dance, hip-hop music, vids and Korean bbq. You are special, and I am saying that because I am your mom who loves you more than I can ever comprehend.