The Teri and Shari Malone Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to recognizing and developing the talents of selected eighth grade students from Loudoun County schools through scholarship grants.  The Foundation is committed to remembering a talented set of twins who tragically lost their lives shortly after finishing their eighth grade year in school.  Friends of the family established this Foundation to honor the girls in 1991.

Middle schools in Loudoun County, and select dance studios, choose the current year’s recipients, selected in one of the five areas of study in which the Malone twins themselves excelled. While Lucas is a student in Fairfax County because he studies dance in Loudoun County they were able to grant an exception. We are grateful for this recognition, for the staff and coaches at the dance studio that believe in him, that inspire him and that gave him this opportunity.

Jillian Ledbetter and Lucas were the 2021 recipients for the two Creative Dance Center studio locations in Loudoun County.

2021 Malone Scholarship recipients

Whether it’s a double or triple pirouette, a calypso or the importance of being prepared, understanding how your attitude and mood impacts others, every time he comes home with a new skill I am grateful for the coaches and staff that teach these dancers so much more than just dance.