This kid won a Team Vibe Scholarship, an Artistry Scholarship from David Moore, scored multiple Vibe Awards for his team routines and placed in the top 20 of Senior soloists out of over 100. But before all of that I enjoyed an uninterrupted 3 hour and 30 minute car ride listening to music and catching up with my son. And between all of that we both enjoyed countless laughs and celebrations with our dance family.

Lucas’ solo Ultralight Beam placed 2nd overall for Senior Open solos and 11th overall out of all Senior solos. His good friend Jayson placed 1st overall for Senior Open solo. So proud of both of them and this shared achievement. There aren’t many boys in dance yet we are lucky to have these five talented boys at the studio. Somebody, an all boy contemporary routine, highlights their talent and chemistry and has been well recognized this season scoring a Vibe Award.  In between the dancing we took time to celebrate Gabby’s and Mason’s birthdays.Monster is an explosive, fun and empowering all-girl Hip Hop routine that has been a crowd and judges favorite. Unfortunately due to illness one of the dancers couldn’t attend the convention. They asked Lucas to step in and take her part and the crowd went nuts. It was such an honor for him to step into some very big shoes and represent for her, and all us ladies. After a long day of dancing and awards this lucky duck and turkey delivered their surprise Promposal. Surrounded by friends, it was the perfect way to end a long, and incredible day.

Spending countless hours at the studio and at conventions builds bonds between the dancers and the parents.

Audition finalists have call backs to perform a jazz combo on stage, in front of a panel of judges and all the dancers and parents. His first year competing as a senior I was so proud to see his growth in technique as he crushed the combo. Lucas won a Team Vibe Scholarship which gives him the opportunity to attend all Regionals next season, Nationals in California and audition for Dancer of the Year and Vibe Company. In addition he won Artistry Scholarships from Liz Friedman and David Moore for a workshop at Nationals and an LA Agency audition finalist. (from Hollywood Vibe Myrtle Beach and Norfolk) Congratulations to Lucas and all his teammates, thank you to his coaches and to the Hollywood Vibe team for the recognition and gratitude to the family that cheers, supports and makes this journey so fun. Nationals here we come!