Creative Dance Center’s End of Season party was a Celebration of Celebrity and Dance Stars complete with a red carpet and plenty of shining stars. Penny was awarded Most Inspiring for Competition team. Most Inspiring was based on votes from fellow teammates. It is beautiful to see your child recognized for their kindness, hard work and talent by their own peers. Lucas was awarded Most Improved for Convention Track, a wonderful surprise and recognition for his discipline and growth this year. Lucas’ good friend Ceci came dressed as Lucas in the theme of Celebrity. Lucas’ and Penny’s growth and love of dance would not be possible without the encouragement, dedication and inspiration of their amazing teachers and coaches. There is talent, hard work and discipline, there is humility, positivity and gratitude and then there is someone, or some people, believing in you and that is when dreams soar. My sweetest, brightest stars, always stay grateful, humble and exactly you.