You are so polite, well-behaved, kind and generous. People are always complimenting me on what a great job I did raising you and I feel a little ashamed to accept the credit. I would love to think that you are all my doing but I know I’m not. You are you because you are you. You have a sense of humor that knocks me off my chair, you have an empathy that makes me cry and you have an intuition that is beyond your years. And on top of all this I think you’re kinda smart. That with your good looks and disarming charm with a little sprinkling of nerdy goofiness will make you approachable and that much more desirable. Not that I want any girl or woman desiring you. Your proposal of marriage to me has been replaced by a desire to now marry Penny, I can accept that. And as you wish maybe some day, some state will allow sibling marriage. But for now, don’t worry your sweet little head with laws and politics, embrace being a first grader. The fears and anxiety of Kindergarten are gone but the social pressures and academics of future years has not yet arrived, you are in a perfect place to just be you. So pop-and-lock at the drop of a dime, bust a move wherever and whenever you feel inspired and sing One Direction to your hearts content. You don’t know what the word “embarassed” means yet. Please, oh please, let us keep it that way.