Every year in the fall the French American Cultural Foundation brings kidseurofestlogoKids Euro Festival to Washington, D.C. The festival presents free performances, movies, and workshops from Europe. This was our first year attending one of the performances and what a great performance it was. We saw “And Who Are You?” from Croatia presented at the French Embassy. The kids kept asking “What are we going to see?” and not really knowing myself I just told them they’ll see something “interesting and different.” And boy was I right! This clever show followed three friends into their imaginative world, interlacing both their real story and their imaginative story with humor and thoughtfulness and showing that even though we are different, we are all the same.

After the show we enjoyed croissants, a cartoon from the UK and coloring. Although The French Embassy did not meet Lucas’ expectation of fancy (because France is fancy) it still provided us a great experience.

And to make this gorgeous fall Sunday in DC complete, we headed over to 2 Amys for more coloring and delicious pizza.