IF_THEN_350x200-300x171“If/Then” is a new musical by the creators of “Next to Normal” starring Idina Menzel. It is an original musical set at the intersection of choice and chance, where the road you take meets the road you didn’t. It is a contemporary new musical set in New York City. Washington DC has been graced with the Pre-Broadway World Premiere running till December 8th which will be followed by the Broadway premier in March 2014. Thanks to Anthony we scored tickets months ago and had great seats. I went in not knowing what to expect except the fact that I love Idina Menzel and she would be amazing. The show was engaging, funny, emotional, raw and filled with amazing talent and amazing music. The set design itself was incredible and added a visual dimension that supported the story. But I truly enjoyed this musical because the themes are intriguing to me: our story, the map of our lives, how we see our lives in the streets, cities, houses we live in, how each decision we make impacts the next and the impact we have on those around us.

What I also realized is that I have reached the age and stage in my life where movies, stories, plays are about my generation: I am the prime demographic. I am completely relevant. Its eye opening and scarey at the same time because I can only move towards irrelevance with each passing day.