I am a late bloomer. I am hitting my stride, now. I am the most content, the most happy, the most settled I have ever been. No longer longing for something “else”, no longer setting unrealistic expectations, I am enjoying the now. I am surrounded by the best quality of friends, friends that only make me feel better about myself, never worse. I am comfortable in my size and shape, I don’t judge and ridicule my body anymore. I enjoy food and drink with decadence and indulgence and I don’t punish myself afterwards. I’m embracing work and enjoying my successes. And I’ve found the ability to leverage that confidence that is gained with success to other areas of my life. I have the confidence to pick up my camera and challenge myself, to read, to learn, to try, to fail and to sometimes succeed. And I’m writing. Something that I’ve loved since I was a child. In the trying we get to the doing. And I am trying and doing all the things that I want to. I am not going to regret the childhood and experiences I didn’t have but focus on making the life I want to have now.