I didn’t consider myself a P!nk fan until I saw her in concert. The dancers, the acrobatics, the cage and the flying, what a spectacular show!  I was up out of my seat and dancing for almost the entire show, singing along to every song. The only time I sat down was when she sat down to do two acoustic songs. She introduced the guitarist as the best guitarist she knows excluding her Father and made a brief but significant reference to first singing along to her Father’s guitar.

PinkAcoustic-PostPhoto: Getty

Who our parents are, what they like, how they live and how they do not live informs who we become as adults. Despite her tumultuous childhood, with her parents divorcing when she was three, she has this perfectly distilled memory, this little golden nugget remains in her heart. Our stories all begin somewhere and Alecia Beth Moore’s story began with sweetness and toughness. We choose what we carry forward, what is important to continuing our story and beginning the story of our children. I strive to fill my children with as many golden nuggets as they can carry.