I will be on his living room couch in 2012, a quiet companion enjoying the golf programming that fills his day. I will be in his truck in 1994 while he drives to work worrying about his youngest daughter, the crazy boy she’s dating and the havoc he is wreaking on his daughter’s relationship with her mother. I will tell him it all turns out OK, she ends up dumping the guy and marries the most perfect husband and father. I will be in 1940 and tell him to play with his brother, to enjoy him and not fight with him because he will be gone all too soon. I will be in 1973 and reassure him that dislocating his family to the United States was the best decision he ever made. I will be in 1966 on his wedding day and whisper in his ear, “This is the love of your life”. I will be in the future, when his memory is failing him and remind him of an entire lifetime lived, an entire lifetime supporting his mother, his two sisters, his wife, his four children and eleven grandchildren. I will remind him of all that his two hands and dedicated heart has created. And I will remind him of all the little moments that fill up every year after year.