Dear Santa with the tattoos at Breakfast at Clyde’s, we know you’re not the real Santa and you make us a little nervous.IMG_1731

Oliver: Ummm….

Penny: I want a pink princess dress

Lucas: I want a dinosaur kit

Dear Santa at Breakfast at Rockefeller, your joyful laughter made us giggle, your velvet red sack of toys made us smile and your kind words warmed our toes.

IMG_1800-2 IMG_1805

Oliver: I want Thomas train

Penny: I want a baby doll

Lucas: I want a fish

Dear Santa, the real Santa, we journeyed to the North Pole to see you. You listened to our lists and tucked our letters into your right boot, the Nice boot.


Oliver: I want a truck and Thomas train

Penny: I want a baby doll with long hair I can braid, headbands, bracelets and Calico Critters

Lucas: I want two Poke-balls, Pokemon X, Ash gloves and a fish


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