Four years ago I brought Lucas to Pirate Adventures in Annapolis. His vivid imagination overwhelmed him and he couldn’t enjoy the adventure. He sat closely to me on the boat, clutching my handbag so that the pirates couldn’t steal it.
It was a beautiful summer day, perfect to enjoy Annapolis. I knew Penny and Oliver would enjoy the pirate experience so after four years we made our way back to Pirate Adventures. To my surprise Lucas remembered every detail of that day four years earlier; how he tripped in the parking lot and scraped his knee and the things I said to ease his worries and keep a smile on his face.

IMG_7595 IMG_7599

Becoming pirates.IMG_7603


Showing off his pirate strength to board the ship.IMG_7613 IMG_7617

Lucas, being the oldest boy, was treated to a lot of attention from the crew. He was selected to help hoist the flag. But before hoisting it, the crew member decided to try and hoist Lucas. You can tell by his expression he is very amused. IMG_7622 IMG_7624 IMG_7626

Aye Captain, X marks the spot!IMG_7635

Avast! I spy the first clue!IMG_7638

Reading the first clue. IMG_7640


Blasting the thief who stole the keys to our pirate treasure!
IMG_7649 IMG_7650

The treasure is found!IMG_7654 IMG_7656 IMG_7660

Lucas has the privilege of having the first taste of the pirate grog. Grape Fanta is the verdict.IMG_7664

Arrr, delicious pirate grog and a great new memory of Pirate Adventures!IMG_7678 IMG_7684 IMG_7694