Just when I think I have everything figured out I have my third child that forces me to throw all preconceptions out the window. Out of all my children he was the only one that preferred the nanny over me, every Mother’s worst nightmare. While I imagined his first day of school to be a piece of cake, afterall he’d witnessed his older sister getting dropped off every other day for the past year, he had a hard time and sometimes still cries. Potty training is a dreaded task to every parent. It’s like a workout, you know you’ll feel great afterwards but its so hard to put on those sneakers or unroll the yoga mat. Finally at the age of 3 years and 3 months we realized it was time, he was ready though I wasn’t. Six days into it and I’m knocking on wood. Each time when I hear the beautiful tinkle of pee pee I look at my youngest in amazement, he’s done it!  I fill to the brim with such pride and wonder, he looks at me and can’t help but be affected by the contagious nature of emotions.  Here is my three year old, going to the potty. If he can comprehend this what else can he comprehend? And in a dizzying flash; his insane attachment, his empathy, his all-consuming sweetness… all is made clear. This boy gets so much more than I give him credit for.

So I must now say farewell to the world of cushy bottoms, say farewell to one more form of dependence as he inches further away from me.