We’ve been here before. In fact every summer for the past eight years. Returning to the same place every year creates traditions, favorites and must-dos.

My must-do is a surrey bike ride along the beach, on the boardwalk, winding our way through nearby neighborhoods and dreaming of our future beach home.

Anthony’s must-do are the delicious crepes at Cafe Papillon, offering both savory and sweet, you can’t go wrong.

Capturing a photo of our Penny on Penny Lane, home to Cafe Papillon and a number of cute shops.

The sunny, windy beaches.

A family must-do is cramming a family of five into a photo booth.IMG_0001
The kids must-do is Funland. The rides, arcade and games is perhaps the biggest draw. Their joy measured by their collection of cheap stuffed toys, some won by them, some won by strangers.
IMG_7303 IMG_7304 IMG_7322 IMG_7332
And the biggest must-do is sharing this tradition with family.
IMG_7335 IMG_7345