The title of this post is borrowed from the current Andrew Wyeth exhibit on view at the National Gallery of Art. I am a fan of Andrew Wyeth or rather I am a fan of  his most well known painting, “Christina’s World.” First introduced to this painting in my college art course the professor was trying to impress upon us the difference of making a painting and creating art. Art must tell a story, communicate what you intend to the viewer. This is a slow burning lesson for me and one I come to understand anew with each passing year, with each new piece of art that speaks to me, that stays with me.

This exhibit impressed upon me that stark can imbue warmth, that landscapes extend beyond Bob Ross and that windows are more than just a source of fresh air.

“You can have the technique and paint the object, but it’s what’s inside you, the way you translate the object — and that’s pure emotion. I think most people get to my work through the backdoor. They’re attracted by the realism and sense the emotion and the abstraction — and eventually, I hope, they get their own powerful emotion.”
– Andrew Wyeth