The Cayman Cookout hosted by Eric Ripert is a weekend celebrating food, wine and the natural beauty of the Caribbean. Held annually world famous chefs, mixologists and wine experts are featured in events held throughout the weekend. We selected one very special event to attend, the Barefoot BBQ which featured food by Anthony Bourdain, Jose Andres, Marcus Samuelsson and Eric Ripert and sweet creations from Norman Love.


Chef Anthony Bourdain featured a Matambre and Morcilla, which is a delicious blood sausage. He painfully smiled and posed for the cameras.

Chef Jose Andres served an Iberico pork slider with foie gras which was hands-down everyone’s favorite. He was friendly and took his time with each guest that engaged him in conversation. On our last night he and his wife walked by as we were hanging by the pool at the Ritz. They stopped and talked to us about his restaurants, who cooks in their home, one of her best dishes that is featured on the Jaleo menu and even wished me a happy birthday. They were both warm and lovely.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson served a Caribbean jerk bacon, pork belly, which was succulent and delicious. Who doesn’t like bacon?

Chef Eric Ripert served a grilled yellow fin tuna that had the perfect sear. While waiting in line, Daniel Boulud strolled up and started chatting with Eric and engaging the crowd. Perfect timing for us, allowing me to enjoy a French sandwich!

IMG_1353 IMG_1285 IMG_1299 IMG_1307 IMG_1317 IMG_1360

Time to dance off all that delicious grub!

IMG_1367 IMG_1369

“I’m gonna swing from the chandelier, from the chandelier
I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist
Like it doesn’t exist”

 – “Chandelier”, Sia