Happy birthday to Anthony, a friend, extremely loyal to the few that truly count. Happy birthday to Anthony, a son and brother who loves his family fiercely, who thinks of what he wants to tell his Dad the next time they talk, silently reminds himself daily to call his Mom and has hour-long conversations with his sister.

Happy birthday to Anthony, a father, who breaks my rules for the fun of the kids, breaks his back carrying them, crawling into bed with them and chasing them through imaginary forests, from sea creatures and into volcanoes.
IMG_1628Happy birthday to Anthony, a devoted husband. He never questions my decisions but offers sound advice when I ask. He folds fitted sheets perfectly, makes the best chocolate chip Mickey Mouse pancakes, beatboxes so we can dance, makes sound investment decisions and a stiff old fashioned, and knows exactly what to do and what to say to keep our world going round.

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