You love your pink doggy. Your faithful companion who comes to life just for you, sharing secrets and kisses. You love to snuggle. With thumb in mouth, pink doggy tucked under your arm and your blankie trailing behind, you make your way into my arms. You love trains. Thomas, Chuggington, the Monorail at Disney World, the Metro train, any train. You could challenge Tommy from 94.7 with your knowledge and love of pop songs. You shimmy your hips and belt out “Fancy” by Iggzy Azalea, “Lips Are Moving” by Meghan Trainor and “Sugar” by Maroon 5, the Kidz Bop version of course.
The moments we live today, so rich and full of the sounds of your laugh, your singing, your screaming and tantrums will barely be a memory for you. You’ll remember your big brother who is untouchable and your big sister who is your playmate and guardian. You’ll remember the feeling of frustration and security.

You resemble your big brother, often confusing his baby pictures for yourself. IMG_0331

You are an eager and willing playmate to your sister, mimicking her favorite color, how she says “hangaber” (hamburger), and her spider climb.

You are obsessed with smelling your hands! After touching something new, holding someone’s hand, you smell your hands! This is perfectly reasonable to you.IMG_3178

You are uniquely, hilariously, snuggly, moody you.