My mom could split an apple in half with just her hands, a skill perfect for road trips and managing four hungry daughters. Moms pack lunches while reviewing homework; set the table while coordinating carpools for soccer, gymnastics, swim, basketball; complete deliverables while crafting the perfect party invitation; blow dry, style and make up while brushing, washing and clothing so that everyone gets out the door on time. Moms rub backs, wipe away tears and band-aid falls. Moms practice diplomacy and bullying, alternatively, as needed.

Photo by Ali Anderson



My mom pleaded with me to stop seeing a boy, after months of fighting over him, she pleaded. The first day I put my child on the school bus I sat in knots until the moment he came off the bus. Moms cry over commercials. Moms drop conference calls, deliverables and deadlines when the school nurse calls. After yelling, scolding and door slamming, moms cry too.


A mom will move mountains if that means helping or healing her child. A mother’s love is endless, her strength is undefeated and her heart is overwhelmed.