Lucas’ first day at LANK (Lake Anne Nursery Kindergarten)
September 11, 2009IMG_3513

Penelope’s first day at LANK
September 14, 2011


IMG_9770 IMG_9775

Oliver’s first day at LANK
September 3, 2013
IMG_2394 IMG_2400 IMG_2401

Our last day at LANK
June 6, 2016IMG_4288

Lucas was happily playing with toys as we left him on his first day of pre-school. When we picked him up his bravery melted to tears at the sight of us.


With a year of pre-school under his belt we assumed an easy transition from summer to school for Oliver. We were not prepared for his sense of loss as he walked down the same hill each morning without his big sister by his side.


 There have been tears but we have also had far more than our share of smiles, warm hugs and friendships.


Over seven years my children have learned how to separate, how to share, how to cut, color and create masterpieces, how to be a student and how to be a friend.


After seven years we say goodbye to the first place where our children left our side, to Mrs. Frames who is always smiling even when she told me that Penny bit another child (surely Penny was provoked, she reassured me), to Mrs. Horne for telling me Oliver was an artist, to Mrs. Mackenzie and Mrs. Smith for being Lucas’ dancing partners and Oliver’s backup singers, to Mrs. Frinks who recognized the sweetness of Penny and shielded her from the sassiness of others, to Mrs. Sorensen who saw my daughter as I never could, to Mrs. Even and Mrs. Scanlan for nurturing their bamboo plants for the past four years and to the four walls that have allowed learning, laughter and fun to flow.