The end of the school year also means the end of activities and commitments marked with celebrations, performances and goodbyes. This year we say goodbye to LANK after seven formative years, goodbye to an awesome first grade teacher and first grade class and goodbye to third grade homework. Many activities will continue in the fall but for now we get to enjoy a few months of routine-free summer days.

Last LANK Sing-a-long
IMG_4256 IMG_4259

Lucas’ first Tae Kwon Do belt testIMG_4275IMG_4279IMG_4284 IMG_4286

Oliver’s class partyIMG_4297

End of Penny’s second year of gymnasticsIMG_4332 IMG_4323 IMG_4336 IMG_4337 IMG_4343

Lucas’ first Hip Hop recitalIMG_4351IMG_4858IMG_4364IMG_4866

Bridging to BrowniesIMG_4964 IMG_4972IMG_4981 IMG_4984

Penny’s class partyIMG_4993

Enjoy the summer!