The most intuitive of numbers, eleven, also symbolizes disorder, extravagance and rebellion. It comes after the wholeness of ten, a decade of childhood complete, but before twelve, the beginning of angst and separation.  At eleven I can still kiss you on the lips, hug you in front of your friends and be the source of your truth. You laugh at my jokes, you patiently explain video games, anime and hip hop songs and you accept my reasoning and explanations for why things have to be my way. A golden time, I realize, soon enough I will be challenged to vie for relevance and coolness.

Eleven represents the Spiritual Messenger, known for being psychic, sensitive, insightful, and intuitive.

You, at eleven, represent my unknown future, lessons yet to learn, yet to teach. As you pave your path with stones of your interests, passions and beliefs I will try my hardest to let your path meander where it means to go.