Artists Simply Human (ASH) Dance convention was our second team convention of the season for Lucas and Penny’s first. While we’ve attended a few optional conventions this season with a smaller group, being there with your whole team is always the best experience.

Matthew Smith has been choreographing and teaching master classes for our studio for the past five years. Part of the faculty at ASH, attending this convention gave our dancers the opportunity to take his classes and continue learning from him. And also gave him the opportunity to see our dancers continued growth. Matthew remembers Lucas from five years ago and has been able to see his growth bit by bit, year over year. Sometimes in classes the choreographer will select a dancer to be filmed. What a tremendous honor and opportunity for Lucas to have this first shining moment with Matthew.

Lucas’ solo Ultralight Beam received a Judge’s Choice award.

Somebody, an all boy contemporary piece, won the distinction of the True Artists Award and the Studio Selections Performance Showcase giving them the opportunity to perform during the closing show. While the kids were taking classes so did us moms. Matthew Smith’s Hip Hop class was a lot of fun although my interpretation of the choreography was a bit more aerobic than artistic. Penny’s first team convention, dancing with her teammates and her big brother, she won her first scholarship!