DanceMakers Richmond is the first team competition and convention of the season. DanceMakers is also one of our favorite conventions having gone year after year, the kids getting to know the choreographers and the choreographers able to see their growth. We compete against the same studios year after year and we measure our progress against theirs. We went from not being known to being the Hip Hop studio to being the studio that wins the Overall Group High Score.

Lucas’ solo, Ultralight Beam, scored a High First, the same as Daytona. The difference was his nerves didn’t stifle him. He was settled into the performance, the emotion flowed and moved.

The first competition has so much anticipation. Five months of learning and rehearsing choreography to costuming and staging to finally performing on stage. It was incredible to see the talent, discipline and teamwork shine. They delivered stellar performances with all of Lucas’ group routines scoring the highest placement and several winning additional distinctions.

Let It Bump
Platinum, Senior Hip Hop Extended Line High Score, Senior Extended Line High Score Overall
Platinum, Senior Group High Score Overall


The Carpet

Heatin’ Up
Platinum, Senior Hip Hop Production High Score, Senior Production High Score Overall

Talk to Me Nice
Platinum, Senior Hip Hop Group High Score, Senior Group High Score Overall

Platinum, Senior Open Group High Score, Overall Group High Score (out of over 600 routines!), Dance Again! recipient

From not being known to being known as a Hip Hop dancer to finally being seen as a dancer Lucas received the Wild Things scholarship awarded by Erica Sobol. Last year at DanceMakers Erica called him out along with one other dancer to perform her piece. To be called out in contemporary was a pivotal moment for Lucas. A year later this recognition couldn’t have been more fulfilling and affirming. 

I will happily share my birthday weekend with DanceMakers when the team takes the highest accolades of the weekend!