The dance season isn’t over but what a season it’s been so far! This year Lucas competed six group routines and one solo, the biggest commitment he’s had to the team in his now fifth year of competition team. He went from 3 hip hop and 1 contemporary routine last season to 3 hip hop, 3 contemporary and 1 solo this season. He went from being a hip hop dancer to getting recognition in other styles including ballroom and musical theater. Every year we’ve seen his passion, commitment and drive for dance grow but this year was a pivotal year. This was the year his passion for dance grew beyond convenience and the year his friendships grew to become lifelong.

DanceMakers was the first convention of the season, back on stage, without masks. Several of the team had the opportunity to perform in the closing show. Hand selected by the choreographer, they rehearsed between classes and competition and got to experience a slice of professional dance life.