Some days you want to climb into, surround yourself and linger, stay, many days long. Some days need more than 24 hours. Celebrating a birthday is one of those days.

Pokemon cake, Pokemon decorations, Pokemon favors, Pokemon trainer Ash hat and personalized Pokemon t-shirt.

The only thing Lucas loves more than Pokemon are video games. Boy was he surprised when the Game Truck pulled up! Reserved, 7 year old enthusiasm. But I know inside he was all pop rocks and giggles.


Two hours of playing his favorite video games with his favorite people.

And in typical Lucas fashion blowing out candles is always something funny and grand.


Thank you for celebrating, for sharing and making this day complete.


As if his dreams wouldn’t be sweet enough, he lost his first tooth.

Though this day may be over, in your mind, in your memories, this day will feel many days long.