There is nothing more poetic, more spontaneous and more memorable than a first. They create an indelible mark on our very fabric. And there is nothing more prescient about a first than their inability to be replicated. And there’s the sting. 

Until you have a child…

My first child gave me the remarkable opportunity to experience firsts all over again. I don’t remember my first Christmas but I will never forget my first child’s first Christmas. With each day that passes I get to experience more firsts as lived by my first born. The first child that taught me true vulnerability, my first child that I practiced on, messed up on and continue to mess up on, learn from and lean on.

Life is real and raw and fresh and vibrant seeing it through my first child’s eyes. Life is full of mystery, fantasy and possibility. Everything exists and there is no comprehension of limits or gravity. 

Seven years ago I first met you. I first loved someone more than they could ever love me. And I first realized how scary and lonely this world can be.
You carry so much by being my first but you also get my best, my enthusiasm and my firsts.