Do you remember the first time you held hands with a boy? I do, it was when we did our first partner dance during P.E. I remember the giggles from all the girls and the eye rolling from all the boys. And I will never forget the butterflies in my belly when I got to partner with Keith McDonald, my first grade crush. Partner dances, particularly the Square dance, was my favorite P.E. activity throughout elementary school. IMG_3313

First grade for Lucas hasn’t given us many opportunities to visit school so we were excited when the invitation to the first grade music concert came home. It started as I expected with the kids singing songs in unison with synchronized motions and gestures. Lucas mastered the art of singing the song while looking excruciatingly bored. Then the kids partnered up and the whole dynamic changed. Boredom shifted to focus and even a few smiles betrayed Lucas’ “too cool for school” vibe. The concert ended with the parents joining in and my sweet little Lucas was back.


Cool Lucas