For Thanksgiving, the Go Moran clan fled gray skies, winter coats and to-do lists for sunshine, swim suits and noon-time rum punches. With children and grandchildren all gathered, Papa and Nana couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate family than to pit cousin against cousin, brother against sister, husband against wife in some “friendly” Family Olympics.  img_5498

Team captains strategically build their teams.

Team Ketchup is led by Erin and Team Mustard is led by Dave.

The first game is tug-of-war. img_5510 img_5515

Team Mustard takes the win!

The second game is water balloon toss. Team Ketchup evens things out by taking the win!

For the last and tie-breaking game, Team Mustard plans their strategy for the balloon-popping relay. img_5539img_5541 img_5547

Some members of Team Ketchup need some assistance…img_5553

In the chaos of popping balloons it is hard to remember who won. But spending a morning with toes in the sand, competitive banter and the best family vacation t-shirts, how can there be sore losers?img_5618img_5557 img_5657 img_5648 img_5633 img_5644

The Caribbean Village at the Beaches Resort, Turks and Caicos.