Our hotel is on 57th and 7th, just north of the quintessential tourist attraction Times Square. The kids have their $4 flavorless hot dogs and while sitting in the center of the sensory-overwhelming digital billboards pronounce it the best hot dog ever. We make our way south to 42nd Street. We see Aladdin, a dazzling show that captivates us all. East is Bryant Park. Remnants of the holiday fair remain. We find a cozy spot with cocktails, churros and a great view of the ice skating outside. img_7975 img_7967 img_7991 img_7996 img_8004 img_8013 img_8035 img_8043 img_8070 img_8074 img_8090 img_8100 img_8127It is hard to imagine us tourists in a city we called home for five years. It is also hard to imagine seeing this city through fresh, expectant eyes but anything is possible in this boisterous, beautiful, magic-filled city. img_8173 img_8149 img_8151img_8159 img_8155 img_8195 img_8202 img_8212

“Look mom, no hands!”