We spent eight days enjoying the charm of Bar Harbor and the natural beauty of Acadia National Park. What I love most about vacations is the opportunity to experience things new and different. Seeing my children push themselves beyond what they’ve experienced and recognizing that this is something new and cool is the most rewarding. Lucas will remember putting aside his fears as he hiked up and down inclines too steep to be comfortable. Penny and Oliver will remember climbing up the most impossible dirt hills and rocky cliffs and the pride of pumping their arms into the air when they reached the top. And I will remember it all. The view of Bar Harbor from an observation point in Acadia National Park. This was the first time we had sight of the sand bar at low tide. Imagine our confusion when we saw people walking in the middle of the sea. 

We were able to witness the solar eclipse thanks to some friendly folk sharing their glasses.

We had mostly sunny days but we had a few rainy, foggy days. It was wonderful to see Bar Harbor in this contrast.What a lucky sea cucumber, getting kisses from Oliver. Sunset sail aboard the four-masted schooner, Margaret Todd. 

“All good things are wild and free.”
– Henry David Thoreau