We have celebrated Thanksgiving and Christmas in the city many times over the years. Each time there are things that are the same; the floats, balloons, crowds, ice skating, the cold, Santa. And each time there is one thing that is constantly different; the kids. From Lucas’ first to Penny’s first to Oliver’s first each time brings new belief, understanding, complaining and appreciation. No matter how tired we are from lack of sleep, carrying the kids, standing in crowds and navigating amongst the tourists we know that once we are home we’ll only recall the best parts.

Breakfast with Santa at Rockefeller is overpriced, crowded and serves average food. But when you are seated you are greeted with a gingerbread man and candy cane at each place setting. The elves bring you back to visit Santa where you receive an ornament, stuffed animal and candy. And afterwards you have priority access to ice skating on the rink. The first time we brought Lucas he was one and I was expecting. He stared out the window as he watched the ice skaters. He pointed, muttered some baby words and I was smitten by the moment of watching my baby experience the wonder of Christmas. And that is why we come back.