Mimi is mother to two boys, six year old Brett and soon to be three Levi. Whether going out to karaoke or having a backyard cookout she is always impeccably styled, with perfect hair and make-up. In college she studied Organization Management and worked in mortgage and banking until she decided to stay at home. The decision to stay at home was an easy one having grown up as an only child with parents who worked 14 hour days. As Mimi says, not only was she alone but “lacked the guidance I needed to keep me on the right path. There were many basic lessons and good habits that I should have learned in my early childhood that I didn’t grasp until my twenties.”

As a nine year old Mimi would move furniture around just to change the look of the room or make it function based on her needs. As other girls her age were reading fashion magazines Mimi was reading books on architecture and design.

Six years after leaving the workforce, twenty six years since she first started decorating in her home Mimi is beginning a new career. Through Decorating Den Mimi will create her own franchise leveraging their tools to begin her own interior design business. It was my pleasure to photograph her home as she launches her new website and launches headlong into a well planned dream.

“I use my own home as a way to express my creative side.  I love to change designs according to the season or how I feel at a particular time.  Nothing is ever permanent when it comes to interior design…I love that!”

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“Determination. Joy. Nervous.” – Mimi Wilson