Great memories, the kind that fill you with longing when recalled, are often created because of an intersection of things; weather, company, appetite, state of rest and overall well-being. Our intersection was exploring a charming neighborhood on a cool summer’s night on our last day in Tokyo at the end of a three-week vacation of a lifetime. We could have easily wandered into any of many appealing restaurants but fortunately for us, Anthony’s internet surfing prowess turned up a gem.

It is tucked away and discreet, treating only those that search it out. The menu is in Japanese but our waiter was patient and gestures and Google translate allowed us to order an amazing meal. They urged us to stay a bit longer to witness, and also participate, in the traditional making of mochi. We finished our meal with the most delicious mochi and genuine hugs and goodbyes from the kind-hearted staff. Three weeks of making great memories capped off with one of the best.