Although lead poisoning is 100% preventable, it still puts millions of children at risk for lifelong brain damage and other health issues.

While visiting New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in 2006, artist Mel Chin learned about the silent storm of lead contamination that had been plaguing the city and the rest of the country for decades. Hundreds of thousands of children were being exposed each year, with far reaching consequences that played out over lifetimes. Children and families now have the Fundred Dollar Bill Project.
The Fundred Dollar Bill Project is a creative currency to demonstrate how much we value the lives of children and a future free of lead poisoning. Each Fundred is a unique piece of art, while together the Fundreds demonstrate the value we collectively place on healthier communities, lead-safe homes, and the imagination of all children.
Visitors to the exhibit may sit at bank teller tables and draw their unique Fundreds. Once drawn, their Fundreds may be added to hundreds of others on a wall in the exhibit, creating a public display of action-oriented art. 
Max is a performance artist and assuming the role of security guard, keeping an ever watchful eye on the thousands of Fundreds. 

So far nearly half a million people have created and sent in their unique Fundreds.  As the Fundred Dollar Bill collection continues to grow, we want the Fundreds’ worth applied to eliminating lead poisoning by presenting these drawings to our nation’s leaders to support action to deal with this destructive element, once and for all. This is an ongoing collective art project made by people across America. Their hand-drawn interpretations of $100 bills are original works of art that together call attention to the danger of childhood lead poisoning and remind us that every child’s future has value.

Text courtesy of, March 2017